A Warrior's Odyssey full tracklistings:

1) Waiting for Dawn to Break

The Battle Begins
2) Storming the City of Heights
3) Mission Fail 1
4) A Soldier's Odyssey
Part 1: At a Soldier's Grave / Part 2: Engaging the Enemy
5) A Soldier's Odyssey
Epilogue: Flowers at a Monument
6) Sniper Attack
7) Confrontation from a Lo-Fi Dimension

Faraway Lands, Ancient Times
8) Forgotten Steeples
9) Chase Through Crete
10) Between Eden and Distant Fields
11) Minotaur Battle

The Battle Must Go On
12) Fading Fortitude / The Battle Must Go On
13) Farewell to the Pilot
14) Pilot Bombardier and Dogfights
15) The Wanderer
16) Broken Watch
17) Mission Fail 2 and Requiem
18) Airplane Bound for the Skies


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