Jeff Broadbent is a composer whose passion for music and sound has found expression with blockbuster games such as I Am Alive and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In this interview, he talks to us about composing music for blockbuster games, the challenges of writing music for interactive media as well as his take on the current state and future of video game music.

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Arnold, Paul
Broadbent, Jeff
Brown, Bill
Burke, Steve
Christopherson, Jamie
Debney, John
Decker, Duane
Del Priore, Fabian

Deriviere, Olivier
Dynamedion (about Spellforce 2)
Graves, Jason
Folmann, Troels B.
Hannigan, James
Houge, Ben
Hulick, Sam
Karlsson, Mikael
Karpman, Laura
Kates, David
Kirkhope, Grant
Klepacki, Frank
Kouneva, Penka
Kreiner, Tamas & Nagy, Ervin
Land, Michael

Lennertz, Christopher
Man, Joris de
Mannerheim, Johan
Manthei, Kevin
Marcussen, Christian
McConnell, Peter
Moore, Lennie
Morgan, Mark
Mosley, Joshua
Mostrom, Howard
O'Malley, Colin
Pelfrey, Danny
Phillips, Winifred
Pulkkinen, Ari
Reagan, Mike
Rippy, Stephen
Thomas, Chance
Sadowski, Daniel
Schyman, Garry
Seibert, Mark
Shapiro, Michael G.
Waldetoft, Andreas
Wall, Jack
Willett, Leon

Zur, Inon


Sam Hulick

Penka Kouneva


Steve Burke

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