The Places of Wizardry 8

Over the course of your adventure, you get to visit many locations in the world of Wizardry:


Arnika is the natural destination for any traveler visiting the planet Dominus. Arnika is home to the Higardi, this world's most civilized, advanced race. In normal times, the city is a busy, peaceful commercial center.

Yet these are not normal times.

Rumors of the coming Ascension have attracted all manner of strangers to Dominus. At first the Higardi welcomed the new arrivals with open arms, even allowing the inquisitive Mook to set up a research station within their city.

Then the Dark Savant arrived in his Black Ship and immediately cut off Arnika's port, shooting down any ship that tried to land. He sent his army of Savant Troopers into the city, searching frantically for some unnamed artifact. And he erected a massive tower on the edge of town, a tower designed to intimidate the population into submitting to his rule.

Arnika is now only a shadow of what it once was. Its City Hall lies in ruins, its spaceport has been closed, and much of its population has fled in terror. At times, Savant Troopers wander the streets. Still, the brave few who remain in the city offer what help they can to the weary traveler.

"Arnika Theme" (track 02): Manthei's theme for Arnika builds on a soft percussive background. The main melodic line is carried by an interlude of harp and woodwind to radiate a feel of quiet and comfort. Later on, a solo violin is added to portray Arnika's harbor.


Marten's Bluff

The ancient fortress on Marten's Bluff is named for its most famous resident: Mad Marten, the man who stole the Destinae Dominus.

The Destinae Dominus was a gift from the Cosmic Lords to the Higardi. The Higardi kept their most precious possession safely stored in a monastery…

...until Marten, a trusted member of the Higardi Lunar Legion, stole the Destinae Dominus one dark night long ago.

Marten fled immediately, with the Higardi Lunar Legion in hot pursuit. Marten evaded capture for several years. While most called him mad for his strange views, Marten managed to recruit a small but devoted band of followers who helped hide him from the authorities.

Yet the Higardi Lunar Legion eventually tracked Marten to abandoned fortress near the swamps. The Higardi launched a major assault on the fort and managed to either kill or capture most of Marten's followers. Yet they never captured Marten, or found the Destinae Dominus.

The fortress lay empty and decaying for decades. Its only visitors were the restless spirits of those who had fallen there….until now.

Quite recently, the fortress gained new inhabitants. The T'Rang, alien visitors and masters of a vast interplanetary empire, established a base beneath Marten's Bluff. No one knows what brought the T'Rang here, or what their intentions are. But it is clear that a new chapter in the strange history of the Bluff is about to be written.

"T'Rang" (track 14): Bells and deep male choir characterize Manthei's theme for the monastery-like Marten's Bluff.



The most remarkable sight in the southern forest is the town of Trynton, a city built in the boughs of gigantic trees.

Too small to protect themselves against forest predators and Rapax raiders, the diminutive Trynnies built their lofty tree city to escape the dangers of the forest floor.

The Trynnies are suspicious of outsiders. However, these small, agile creatures have welcomed the few lucky travelers who have received permission to explore their city from the tribal chief.

The Trynnies’ entire way of life revolves around the forest. Traditional Trynnie activities include spear-hunting Hogars and other large game, scavenging (or stealing, depending on who you ask) materials to decorate their homes, creating powerful potions from forest herbs, and worshipping the forest spirits they believe protect the city.

Although the technologically advanced Higardi consider the Trynnie to be a backward race, the Trynnies have shown great ingenuity in surviving in their forest environment. With Rapax attacks on the increase and strangers arriving from distant worlds, however, the tree city of Trynton finds itself in greater danger than ever before.

"Trynton" (track 16): For the city of Trynton, Manthei went for a very tribal sound with several layers of choir carrying the theme.


Mt. Gigas

The Umpani have built a galaxy-wide empire on a foundation of rapid expansion and strict military discipline. The moment the Umpani learned of the impending Ascension on Dominus, they naturally sent out an expeditionary force. Their mission: guarantee that the Umpani would be the first to the reach the Cosmic Circle.

Immediately after landing on the planet, the Umpani began building a military base in the most secure spot they could find. Mt. Gigas was selected as the site for their fortress. Located in the northern mountains, the rock of Mt. Gigas is honeycombed with dozens of caves and caverns. The Umpani have shaped these natural tunnels into a fortified base of operations, from which they carry out their plans against the T'Rang, their long-standing rivals. Defended by outer walls and guarded by constant patrols, the Umpani feel safe in their new mountain home.

While the Umpani fortress is protected against assault from without, it is still vulnerable to attack from within. In their haste, the Umpani have neglected to explore their new base thoroughly. Strange things are said to lurk in the unexplored shadows. Stranger still, an expeditionary force sent to explore beneath the mountain has not returned. Is the expedition's disappearance another T'Rang plot, or does something more sinister lurk far below the mountain?

"Umpani" (track 17): The Umpani's theme is a brassy, militaristic march to underscore the military base of the Umpani.



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