Wizardry 8 - Combat

Combat plays an important role in the gameplay of Wizardry 8. Manthei has written a great number of combat cues and they are all divided by intensity. This way, the music can always keep up with the on-screen action. "Easy Combat" (track 07) plays when you're attacked by easy opponents while the "Tough Combat" is reserved for the truly epic battles. All the combat cues share similarites in musical ideas and arragnements which results in a thematic consistency throughout all the combat music. Whenever you're victorious, one of the "Win Combat Tags" (tracks 19-21) kicks in.

After fights, the player might want to give his party a rest and let them regain their health and magical energy bars. The night's rest is accompanied by a simple and calming harp melody ("Camping Theme").

Some of the enemies the player's adventuring party may encounter on its travels are listed below:


Golems: These huge, magically-animated statues are slow, stupid, and massively strong. Tireless and completely loyal, golems are often used as guards.

Picus: The bird-like Picus is normally a peaceful forest creature. However, many species will defend themselves if provoked or surprised. A few of the larger varieties of Picus are carnivorous, and will hunt down even human prey.

Seeker: These small, swift predators don't look very lethal, yet they can still spell doom to the unwary adventurer. Packs of seekers, attacking rapidly with their sucker-like jaws and flailing tails, can overwhelm even a well-prepared party.

Death Lords: Death Lords are the most powerful variety of undead. Created by the most powerful wizards, these fearsome beings guard hidden tombs and abandoned ruins. Single Death Lords have been known to slay entire armies. Fortunately, they are quite rare.


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