Talanzaar (World of the City)

The Place
Okriana is Adelpha’s only large city. The main part of Adelpha’s Talan population lives here. Okriana makes up the cultural and creative heart of this planet.

The city is also Faé Rhân’s command center (since he took control thanks to the Faékynn). It is therefore in this region that the military’s presence is the strongest. Okriana is ancient, more ancient then the Talans themselves know. The current buildings were constructed on the foundations of a glorious city which belonged to the ancient Talan civilization. The fortress which now occupies Okriana’s center is recent: it was built some thousand moons ago by order of Faé Rhân when the sand began to overcome the region.


The Music
("Oriental Spirit") For the eastern town of Talanzaar, Moore used Indian percussion and a duduk performing the Outcast theme which is again stated later on with full orchestra.

The whole cue lives on the interplay of the duduk with the rest of the orchestra and different percussion. The highlight of the track might be at 5:10 where the flute and the duduk perform a most dramatic and sweeping motif.



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