Shamazaar (World of Temples)

The Place
This region is primarily one of Talan temples (inhabitants of Adelpha) and farmers. It is a place of serenity, meditation and harmony with nature. At least before Faé Rhân started his career as a tyrant and settled a significant military presence on this territory. The Talan priests, the Shamaz, have been oppressed and put under close guard since so as not to stir up the population against the new power. It is therefore, despite its calm appearance, a tense zone: soldier patrols keep a close eye on this world. They notably occupy the great central temple.

Besides the establishment of numerous temples, Shamazaar is also a farming-intensive region (the land cultivated with riss crops covers 80% of the habitable surface) which nourishes almost all of Adelpha.


The Music
("World of Temples") The whole track is dominated by a soft choir that is often joined by strings, flutes or the combination of both. It is the most romantic of all the world themes thus perfectly suitable to the peaceful, almost sacred Shamazaar.

At 3:05, the Outcast theme is featured in a most uplifting manner followed by a heroic brass statement that quickly gives the melody back to the strings, clarinets and horns.



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