Ranzaar (World of Snow)

The Place
The White Earth is a little territory where winter is constant. This world is inhabited by the rebels opposed to Faé Rhân’s regime. They follow the teachings of Kazar, the prophet, and perpetuate the memory of his prophecy while awaiting the proclaimed chosen one.

The rebel leader has just taken Cutter in at the beginning of the game. He explains the situation to him and tells him of Kazar’s prophecy. He convinces Cutter to seek out the sacred relics.

The world of snow is mostly without infrastructure since it is hardly inhabited. It is also a zone for training and withdrawal.


The Music
("World of Snow") Calming horns open up the cue that soon gives way to an underlying choir and dancing flutes that portray the swirling snow flakes constantly falling from the sky on the snowy world of Ranzaar. Soon after, eerie strings and light percussion are added evoking a cold and icy atmosphere.

Later on, different choir passages make the track more epic and bigger in scope until around 5:10 the full orchestra rises to a big statement of the Outcast theme.



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