Okasankaar (World of Marshes)

The Place
This region is essentially composed of water. The landscape rises slowly from the water, becoming gradually drier until it reaches the plain. Fishing communities here supply the city with fish. Small flat-bottomed boats are the only effective way of getting around in the marshes. They can be rented from the fishermen in the area. These boats must be borrowed in order to reach the northeast island (monster island) and the West island.



The Music
("World of Marshes") The dark, gloomy and menacing atmopshere of the big swamp, that is Okasankaar, gets the most effective musical treatment. High and eerie strings are the trademark of this cue that has sort of an alien sound to it.

The cue lightens up a bit at 2:05 revealing a heroic yet dramatic passage that falls back into the menacing swamp sound at 3:30.



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