Okaar (Forest World)

The Place
This is the most wooded and wild region of the planet. It is covered by a magnificent forest where creatures and vegetation abound. It is a forgotten and abandoned world where a small number of Talans live. This world has remained largely mysterious and the legends about it are numerous.
Today, only primitive Oogoobar clans live in Okaar. Their clans are no larger than about ten individuals and they live by hunting Twôn-Ha, and less often Gamors, the forest’s greatest predators.



The Music
("The Ancient Forest World") Okaar features a more tribal sound: Percussion and piano combined with whimsical flutes. Again, the Outcast theme is audible performed by strings.

It is, in fact, the only cue that makes extensive use of the piano that mostly interacts rhythmically with the tribal drums (for example around 5:00).




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