Enemies of Adelpha

Faé Rhân and Kroax
Faé Rhân (l.) is the main villain of the game outcast and it isn't till the end that Cutter Slade finds out who Faé Rhân really is. Next to him stands Kroax (r.), Faé Rhâns right-hand and leader of the elite soldiers of Rhâns army, the Praetorian guard.

(left screenshot) Faé Rhân and Kroax discuss their evil plans for Adelpha and how to deal best with Cutter Slade.


Faé Rhâns' Soldiers
The soldiers are well-trained and dangerous adversaries. They are divided into three ranks: Guards (l.), Captains and Elite Warriors (members of the Praetorian Guard).

(left screenshot) Soldiers are patrolling Talanzaar.



The Ogoobar live in exile in their forest world Okaar. They don't trust strangers and have set many traps throughout Okaar to capture invaders and to sacrifice them to their Gods.

(left screenshot) The Ogoobar are preparing Cutter Slade for lunch.



Gamor are among the most dangerous predators on Adelpha. They resemble powerful and rangy wildcats with muscular bodies, gnarled muscles and disproportionately large heads for the rest of their bodies. Their fairly average eyesight is made up for by an exceptional sense of smell.



The Music
("Soldier's Camp", "Watch out!", "Let's fight") There are three battle cues in Outcast that all share similiarties in structure and instrumentation. They start slowly, with percussion only but anyone who has played the game will get shivers down his spine every time he hears the opening rhythms. The tracks constantly add percussion, then brass and strings and eventually choir performing the Outcast theme.

The battle tracks are never overpowering or burst into fully orchestral statements but underscore the action on screen in a subuded and yet dramatic and exicting way.



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