1. “The Tale of Icewind Dale”   -   As the game title slowly fades out and the camera pins down on a book lying on a desk with torches beside it throwing a dime light on it, Jeremy Soule uses a soft clarinet theme to emphasize the mood of quietness and safety. Then the book opens revealing its first page and the narrator starts to tell the story. Soule perfectly manages to underscore the narrator’s tale. He always stays in the background and makes sure that the music never overpowers or even interrupts.

2. “Icewind Dale Theme” - The Main Theme relies heavily on percussion to portray the rugged, wild and harsh atmosphere of the Icewind Dale. Yet amidst all the savagery there’s glory and honour as becomes apparent when Soule’s heroic motif backed up with an extremely powerful choir makes its statement.

3. “Easthaven in Peace” – The quiet fishing village of Easthaven is where our adventure begins and it features one of Soule’s best compositions to date. A very moving, melancholic and yet heroic theme creates a sense of beauty and wonder and foreshadows heroic deeds to come. It is, in fact, more like an overture, not trying to describe the town we’re in, but serves more as an introduction to the adventure.


4. “Hrothgar’s Home” – Moments later we meet the former adventurer and current major of Easthaven Hrothgar. His theme is very much understated, some percussion showing Hrothgar’s military background while the oboe plays a soft melody telling that the major’s adventuring days are over.

5. “ Temple of Tempus” – The Gods of the North are brave warriors and fighters. Soule’s uses a standard choral arrangement often heard in religious songs, but because he uses only male voices and adds some echoes to them, the piece gets rough and unsettling. The Gods are brave, proud and dangerous, and the music reflects just that.

6. “The Lost Caravan” – Looking for a missing caravan, we enter a cave infested with orcs. It is a dark and dangerous place accurately described by drums and high strings.

7. “Drums of the Dead” – This is an unused cue, probably meant to underscore the battle with the ogre at the end of cave mentioned above. The fast-paced action track would serve as background for our first great battle in the game.

8. “Avalanche at the Pass” – A reprise of the theme of Easthaven opens up the track as our party leaves the village to travel to the secluded town of Kuldahar . Our way leads through a narrow pass. Suddenly, big boulders of ice and snow start rolling down the mountainside. Ambushed by Frost Giants, we barely make it out alive, most of our equipment lost and comrades lying dead in the pass behind us. Punctuated and rhythmic drums accompany the dreadful event.


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