Chapter Three

20. “Severed Hand Entrance” – Once an elven stronghold the tower of the Severed Hand lies in ruins, home now to orcs, goblins and other foul beasts. But at the top the astronomer Larrel is hiding and with him secrets that are vital to our quest. The theme is the less approachable of all. It just tries to bring a certain creepiness and uneasy feeling to the scene

21. “Severed Hand Interior” – Slowly, our adventuring party fights its way to the top. The music keeps up with the tempo and Soule changes some orchestrations to make it sound a bit more claustrophobic.

22. “The Mage Tower” – The track name is a bit confusing, because there are quite a few mage towers to explore. A feel of admiration and wonder befalls us as we enter the mage towers, each of them unique and awe-inspiring. The music has a sense of grandeur and wonder to it thus tracing and completing the scenery.

23. “Lerrel’s daughter” – The music makes a short appearance as we meet Lerrel’s daughter.

24. “Lerrel’s astrolab” – Finally, we reach the astrolab and meet Lerrel, who assists us in using the Heartstone Gem. The music conveys wonder and mystery at the same time, with the appearance of a flute playing some high-pitched notes for greater shiver-effect.

25. “The Heartstone Gem” – The narrator advances the story from here, telling us about Lerrel and the Heartstone Gem and how we discover the enemy’s location. The Severed Hand theme is featured at the beginning in its most beautiful form that slowly blends to harp performance before going over to the horn as we find out where our next journey leads us to: Dorn’s Deep.

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