Chapter Six

33. “Lower Dorn’s Deep” – A powerful and epic choir brings us back into the realm of Dorn’s Deep. But this time, we go much deeper: to scorching heats and eternal fire.

34. “Svirfenblin Refugee Camp” – The Svirfneblin (very little and gnomish people) have been enslaved and are made to mine for precious diamonds. The Dorn’s Deep motif appears, but Soule manages to turn it into a very sad and sorrowful piece, which lets you feel with the poor Gnomes. Because of that (and because we’re the good guys), we’ll free them.

35. “Marketh’s Palace” – The chat with Marketh answers some of the questions, but not all. Our search for the ultimate villain has to go on. Soule’s dark music in the rich and wealthy environment makes for an interesting contrast and shows right from the beginning that Marketh’s way of living isn’t financed only through honest and hard work.

36. “Artisan’s District” – Pressing ever onwards we walk through the artisan’s district accompanied by a musical piece that radiates curiosity and wonder.

37. “The Fallen Temple” – The temple has long been corrupted by skeletons and mummies and stands as mere ruin. But it is still an impressive structure with vast corridors stretching from the centre and a high ceiling making you feel small and unimportant. The music creates a dangerous and menacing mood with brass echoing from the dark corners high above.

38. “Belhifet’s Doom” – We stand now before our ultimate villain. Reverend Brother Poquelin (or Belhifet, if you prefer his demon name) is the one who’s responsible for all that happened. He certainly is a tough enemy to fight. Heavy drums and a demonic-sounding choir underscore this battle of good versus evil.

39. “Return to Easthaven” – Moments before his defeat, Poquelin opens up a portal and teleports him out of the caves. And in the same instant, we get teleported as well…back to Easthaven, where it all began. While leaving Dorn’s Deep the theme is reprised for the last time and is quickly taken over by strings, flutes and a piano to mark our arrival at Easthaven. But Easthaven is not how we left it. It is completely frozen over, the Temple of Tempus transformed into a huge crystal tower and no villager is to be seen.

40. “Easthaven in Pieces” – As we wander the empty streets of Easthaven in search for survivors, the once beautiful theme of Easthaven turns sad.

41. “Success!” – After another battle against Belhifet (this time in his demonic form) in the basement of the crystal tower, we finally defeat him. A fanfare accompanies our victory, then the music shifts into a soft flute melody as the tower is destroyed and a light snow begins to fall. The narrator closes the book and the story seems to be over. But…the music rises into a menacing and evil statement as the narrator finally reveals his true identity.

42.  – This track is actually the credits track of the game. Arundel’s theme is reprised accompanying the credits over a beautifully drawn artwork of Kuldahar.


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