Chapter One

9. “Kuldahar Theme” – If there’s one theme that rivals the one of Easthaven, it’s the celtic influenced one from the town of Kuldahar . Nestled under the branches of a massive oak tree, the little village is led by a wise druid called Arundel. You can almost touch the magical and mythical atmosphere that originates from this place and it will always stay in the memories of the adventurers, as will the theme itself.

10. “Arundel’s Home” – The leader of Kuldahar, Arundel, is an old and wise druid who has dedicated his life to trying to maintain a complete balance between man and nature. His theme is simply beautiful. It has a good-natured and generous feel to it perfectly suitable to him.

11. “Vale of Shadows” – Sent by Arundel to investigate strange happenings in the nearby vale, we find ourselves tiptoeing on narrow paths searching for crypts that could hold clues to what is amiss. Soule uses percussion to imitate the rattling of the skeleton’s bones that creep through the valley.

12. “Lysan’s Lair” – The chief of the skeletons is not much of a talker, but he loves to have a big battle going on. Soule unleashes a powerhouse of an action track to underscore the fight. Heavy drums and a wide array of strings combined with fast-paced rhythms make this piece one of Soule’s most accomplished works.

13. “Kresselack’s Tomb” – Having defeated the undead general Lysan, we descend deeper into the mountains uncovering Kresselack’s tomb. The Vale of Shadows theme is taken up again, but this time presented in a much creepier and very dangerous form. The sinister feel evoked by the flutes sends shivers down the spine, as we slowly approach the general Kresselack himself.

14. “Kresselack’s Lair” – The theme appears yet again, this time being heavy and slow and thus representing the big and menacing figure of the undead Kresselack. Fortunately, Kresselack is tired of fighting and wants to make a deal instead.

15. “Temple of the Forgotten God Entrance” – Our path leads us out of the Vale of Shadows to the Temple of the Forgotten God to find the precious Heartstone Gem, which has magical abilities and could reveal the enemy’s hideout. Soule’s motif consists mainly of high strings playing a slow and menacing melodic line giving the impression of immediate danger and mystery. Yet one can feel the presence of power and may hear echoes of long dead worshippers to a long forgotten God.

16. “Temple of the Forgotten God Interior” – The motif takes up tempo and is less apparent once we are inside the temple.

17. “Heartstone Shrine” Stumbling into the shrine, we hear the last full statement of the theme, before realizing that the Heartstone Gem has been stolen. Disheartened, we return back to Kuldahar to bring Arundel the ill news.


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