Chapter Four

26. “Upper Dorn ’s Deep Entrance” – The rocky caverns of Upper Dorn ’s Deep are filled with strange creatures like Myconoids (walking and attacking blue mushrooms). Less strange, but nevertheless intriguing is Soule’s theme. The simple melody is accompanied by a hollow and off-worldly choir giving it just the right dose of mystery and awe this quirky place can hold.

27. “Upper Dorn’s Deep Interior” – Once we are inside, it gets pretty nasty. Soule’s music starts off slow and foreboding keeping you on your toes while we prepare for the battle to come. When you listen closely, you can hear the trampling of the enemy’s feet as they slowly advance to our position. It then rises to a powerful statement of the Dorn’s Deep motif.

28. “Drow & Orog Gate” – The Dorn’s Deep theme is featured again as we walk into a side cave filled with Orogs and their lieutenant Krilag.

29. “Umber Hulk Labyrinth” – Not long after the fight with Krilage we enter the labyrinth of the Umber Hulks. Slowly we make our advance through the corridors knowing that danger lurks at every turn. Heavy strings and a high female choir provoke an insecure feeling. At the end of the track, the Dorn’s Deep theme is featured for the last time as we leave the Dorn’s Deep chased by the Umber Hulks’ bawling.


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