Chapter Five

30. “The Wyrm’s Tooth Entrance” – We’re finally out in the wild again. The music evokes the quiet atmosphere of Kuldahar, but changes soon to a menacing melody mostly performed by horn and low strings to remind us that Kuldahar is far away, as is safety. Melancholically, we continue our way. Does the aquarium of Alkonos hold the critical piece of the puzzle?

31. “Aquarium of Alkonos” – It’s cold and freezing. The waters of the aquariums are no longer liquid, but as solid as ice. Preserved within the gigantic ice blocks are all kinds of fishes and in the middle of this museum of death lies a gigantic wale frozen for all time. Yet not all creatures are dead. We’re immediately attacked by frost salamanders and wolves, when we enter. Heavy brass and high strings make look all surreal, the melodic line always being on the edge of the inharmonic.

32. “Frost Giant Cave” – The track starts slowly and builds up tension until it culminates into a statement of the Dorn’s Deep theme performed by brass and flutes to give it an icy feel. This is one of my favourite cues of the album.


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