09_First Steps (s_m_crypts_02) - Once we enter the first room of the dungeon the music gets even more subtle consisting mainly of drums now. After our first fights against the gargoyles that infest the crypt we advance deeper into the dungeon.


10_ Hidden Chambers (s_m_crypts_04) - As our hero pulls a lever and follows the now open secret stairway down into a collection of hidden chambers the music gets louder and the Crypt of the Sacred Blood motif is stated backed up with a menacing and echoing choir. We are near the heart of the dungeon now.


11_Torches in the Dark (s_m_crypts_03) - After heavy fights against gargoyles and skeletons we happen to discover a rather small hallway. Slowly and very cautiously we follow the passageway and soon realize that the torches on both sides of the wall start burning as if lit by an invisible hand. The music constantly builds up underscoring the tense moment. At the end of the hallway we discover a so-called Ruby-Gargoyle, the main villain of the crypt. A tough battle breaks out but in the end our hero is victorious. In a close-by room we meet the archaeologist and linguist Ulora who had been forced by the Krugs to decipher ancient markings in the crypt; to what purpose is as of yet unknown. We free her and she decides to come with us. Glad to have found a companion our hero leaves the Crypt of the Sacred Blood for good.

To be continued...
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