01_Intro (s_m_king_intro) - The introduction movie opens up with a view on a ancient ruin covered with plants and crawling with animals. As the camera focuses on a skeleton and a royal banner flattering beside it the narrator tells us of an age long past and the destruction of the Empire of Stars. Flutes and a harp accompany this tragic tale, later joined by horn performing a sorrowful and yet proud motif that leads over to calm strings as we shift in time and see the beautiful landscape of Ehb.

The music gets light and playful as our hero comes into view, still a humble farmer working in the field of his farm but destined to save the Kingdom of Ehb. Looking up from his work, he watches his neighbour Norick, an old farmer and trusted friend, approach him. Dissonant strings build up tension and a statement of brass erupts as the deadly-wounded Norick collapses into the arms of our hero. Under heavy breathing he tells us about the Krugs and their murderous advance through the farmlands. Before his death, he entrusts us with an important mission: to find his friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge. Another statement of brass accompanies our hero as he rises, ready to face the challenges before him.


02_Main Theme (s_m_maintheme) - Meanwhile, Krugs have arrived at our hero’s farm and set it on fire. Armed with a knife, he charges against them not only willing to survive but also to revenge Norick’s death. The main theme of Dungeon Siege appears for the first time, serving as an overture to the adventure and underlying our hero’s first heroic deeds.


03_Burning Homesteads (s_m_farmhouse 02) - Slowly but steadily we make our way through the farmlands heading for Stonebridge. The Main Theme is reprised although in a sad and sorrowful way to show the hero’s desperation as he finds all his neighbours dead and their houses burnt.


04_Setback (s_m_path2crypts_01) - As night falls over the land, our hero has come a long way and nears the bridge to Stonebridge. But when he arrives, he must realize that the bridge is destroyed. Disheartened he continues his way knowing that there is only one other way to the town which leads through the Crypt of the Sacred Blood. The music starts slowly describing our hero’s equally slow advance through the dark woods. Upon the finding of the destroyed bridge the main theme is stated once again, very indistinct this time. A lonely trumpet later on in the cue underlines the hero’s feeling of loneliness as he continues his way in the dark.

05_Dark Forest (s_m_path2crypts_02) - A part of the main theme is taken up again performed by a horn to emphasize the atmosphere of the dark forest our hero must travel through.


06_Krug Encampment (s_m_path2crypts_03) - Still following the path through the dark forest our hero eventually encounters a Krug encampment. The music builds up slowly and creates a creepy atmosphere as he sneaks past the camp. Only moments later he discovers a magical shrine that replenishes his health and gives him strength to go on.

07_Secret Dungeon (s_m_path2crypts_04) - On a side path the hero discovers a white statue and soon finds out that turning it 360 degrees reveals a secret passageway down into a dungeon. It’s there that he encounters Gargoyles for the first time. Horns and several wind instruments characterize the dark and watery dungeon.


08_Entrance to the Crypt of the Sacred Blood (s_m_crypts_01) - Back out of the secret dungeon our hero continues his journey and it isn’t before long that he finally finds the entrance to the Crypt of the Sacred Blood. Slowly he descends into the darkness accompanied by high strings and echoing percussion...


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