What is GSoundtracks?

GameSoundtracks.com is a site dedicated to the music of video games. The website is produced and updated by Oliver Ittensohn.
The world of video game music has evolved a lot during the last couple of years. In its humble beginnings most game music was composed with synthesizers in midi-quality. However, with the ever growing popularity of the interactive media, games have gotten much bigger budgeting which resulted in higher production values of the music as well. Many of today's best game scores are recorded with real orchestras and are available for purchase in music stores.


What can I find on GSoundtracks?

Reviews: We offer reviews of the latest game scores as well as favourites from the past. Please note that we primarily review scores from Western games. We may consider reviewing scores from the Japanse video game market at some point, but not at the moment.

Interviews: Composers talk with us about latest develpments in the industry, their scores in detail, their specific view on the challenges and rewards for composing for games as well as their personal background in gaming.

Feature: Game scores are often closely tied to the game and what's going on on-screen. To make scores even more enjoyable, we offer liner notes to selected scores so that a stand-alone listen gains more value and offers better entertainment.

Links: Our links section includes game composer websites.


How does GSoundtracks review?

GSoundtracks' reviews focus on two factors: How the score works within the game and how enjoyable it is as a stand-alone listen. Rating criteria include the wealth of themes and theme development, the quality of orchestration and performance, the overall sound as well as genre-specific criteria, if applicable.


How does GSoundtracks rate?

This is game music in perfection; a must-have.
Very good; recommended.
Solid; worth a listen from time to time.
Average; for fans of game/composer only.
Poor; avoid it.
Please note that we also award half stars.


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Special Thanks:

- My not-so-little-brother-anymore Mark
- Erik Woods, host and producer of CinematicSound for bringing up the idea of a video game music website in the first place
- Bregt de Lange, host of filmscore.be, for answering thousands and thousands of questions (stupid and not-so-stupid ones). This site wouldn't exist without him!